Seminatrice per motocoltivatore
Seminatrice per motocoltivatore

Seeder for motocultor – SM Seeder

The SM seeder is a modular and professional machine, designed to be used on motocultors or motor hoes. It is ideal for sowing vegetables, legumes and corn
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The Bassi seeder SM Seeder for motocultor is a professional sowing element designed to be used on motocultors or motor hoes. It has a series of characteristics which guarantee its duration over time and effectiveness in carrying out sowing operations.

SM Seeder: main characteristics

  • High-strength materials: the SM seeder is constructed from high-strength steel and aluminum, ensuring long-term durability. These materials are chosen for their resistance to corrosion and rust, ensuring that the seeder can be used in different environmental conditions without deteriorating.
  • Polypropylene hopper: the hopper, where the seed is placed, is made of UV-protected additive polypropylene. This material ensures the protection of the seed from sunlight and maintains its quality during sowing.
  • Durable rear wheel: the seeder is equipped with a rear wheel made of fiberglass-loaded polypropylene, ensuring strength and shape retention over time. The wheel is equipped with sealed ball bearings equipped with dust protection, which contribute to the long life and efficiency of the motion transmission system.
  • Chain and sowing disc: the seeder uses a chain to transfer motion from the rear wheel to the nickel-plated steel sowing disc. This disc is protected from corrosion and rust by its nickel coating. Furthermore, it is made of perforated aluminum with a number of holes that can be customized according to customer needs.
  • Attachment bar and motor hoe/motocultor attachment: the SM seeder is equipped with an attachment bar 30 cm wide or more and the attachment to the motor hoe/motocultor is made of galvanized steel. These components guarantee stability and resistance during use of the seeder.
  • Modularity and adaptability: the seeder is designed to be modular, allowing it to work on small and medium-sized areas. It adapts to all types of motocultors and motor hoes, offering flexibility and efficiency in sowing.
  • Customized sowing disc: Bassi Seminatrici offers the possibility to customize the sowing disc according to customer needs. The disc is made to measure, taking into account the size of the seed and the desired distance on the row. This allows sowing to be adapted to the specific needs of the vegetable to be grown. Bassi Seminatrici supplies perforated aluminum discs for vegetables such as carrots, onions, spinach, radishes and many others. Each disc is designed according to customer requirements.
  • Legume Kit and Corn Kit: In addition to aluminum discs, the SM seeder also offers the possibility of using rubber discs. These discs make up the Legume Kit, which includes 3 rubber discs for sowing beans, green beans and peas. Furthermore, there is the Corn Kit, consisting of 2 rubber discs for sowing two different varieties of corn of your choice. This versatility allows sowing to be adapted to different types of crops, offering specific options for every need.
  • Seed quantity adjustment: to increase or decrease the amount of seed that falls in the row, the SM seeder offers the possibility of changing the sprocket inside the sowing mechanism. The crown can be replaced with one of a different size, allowing you to adjust the relationship between the rotation speed of the disc and the amount of seed distributed. A smaller crown will cause the disc to spin faster, dropping more seed onto the row, while a larger crown will reduce the amount of seed distributed. This reporting system offers precise control over the amount of seed to be sown.
  • Ease of changing the disc: changing the disc is a simple and quick operation. Simply remove the bell that protects the disc, take out the ejector and the disc currently in use, insert a new disc and screw the bell back on. In the instruction manual there are also drawings that clearly illustrate the procedure. This ease of change allows the seeder to be quickly adapted to different crops or sowing needs.
  • Depth of seeding and pressure adjustment: the seeder also offers the possibility to adjust the seeding depth and the pressure applied to the soil during the operation. This allows sowing to be adapted to the specific soil conditions and to the needs of the different crops. Depth and pressure adjustment help ensure uniform and precise sowing.
  • Furrower and hiller: the seeder is equipped with a furrower that creates the furrow in the ground, and a hiller that evenly covers the seed. These components help ensure a precise and efficient sowing process.

SM Seminatrice by Bassi Seminatrici is a professional option for sowing on motocultors or motor hoes. Thanks to its resistant materials, the customization of the sowing disc, the specific kits for different crops and the available adjustments, this seeder offers an efficient, precise and adaptable sowing experience to different agricultural needs.

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Length: 50 cm
Width: 14 cm
Weight: 8 kg
Distance between rows: 15 cm

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