Seminatrice meccanica per piccole e medie superfici
Seminatrice meccanica per piccole e medie superfici

SP 2012

SP 2012 is a modular mechanical seeder with simplified 5-speed gearbox, for working on small and medium-sized surfaces, to be applied to even small-sized tractors
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The seeder model SP 2012 by Bassi Seminatrici is a modular seeder designed to work on small and medium-sized surfaces, offering the necessary flexibility to meet different sowing needs and adapt to various types of terrain.

This seeder is characterized by various components and functions which guarantee its effectiveness and precision in sowing.

SP 2012 by Bassi Seminatrici is designed to offer precision and versatility in the sowing of different types of crops, with particular attention to vegetables and legumes.

SP 2012: characteristics

Parallelogram: the SP 2012 seeder is equipped with a parallelogram that allows it to optimally follow the terrain’s contour. This system allows the seeder to adapt to uneven or rough terrain, keeping the sowing depth constant. Thanks to the parallelogram, the seeder is able to follow the oscillations of the ground in a uniform way, guaranteeing precise and uniform sowing.

Seed hopper: the SP 2012 features a hopper with a capacity of 7.5 liters. However, a larger hopper can be fitted to handle more seeds or large seeds if needed.
This flexibility in hopper capacity allows the seeder to be adapted to different field sizes and specific sowing needs.

Rear wheel: the seeder is equipped with a rear wheel that provides movement to the seeding disc. A flex rubber wheel can be applied to work in wet soils, ensuring optimal traction and effective sowing operation even in difficult soil conditions.

Three-point hitch: the SP 2012 is equipped with a three-point hitch, making it suitable for use with small-sized tractors as well. This feature allows farmers with more compact tractors to use the seeder without having to invest in a larger implement.

Microgranulator (optional): the SP 2012 seeder offers the option to install a microgranulator. This option is particularly useful for sowing crops that require the application of specific fertilizers or substances during sowing.

Simplified 5-speed gearbox: the SP 2012 is equipped with a simplified 5-speed gearbox, allowing for the variation of seeding distance in the row without the need to change the disc. This makes work faster and more efficient, allowing farmers to adapt the sowing to the specific needs of the crops and soil, saving a lot of working time.

Customization of the seeding disc: Bassi Seminatrici offers the possibility of customizing the sowing disc according to the customer’s needs. The discs are custom made, taking into account the size of the seed and the desired distance on the row.
This allows sowing to be adapted to the specific needs of the vegetable to be grown. Bassi Seminatrici supplies perforated aluminum discs for vegetables such as carrots, onions, spinach, radishes and many others. Furthermore, Bassi Seminatrici produces aluminum discs for cereals, medicinal herbs, aromatic herbs and other types of crops. This customization of the sowing discs allows farmers to obtain precise and uniform seeding, ensuring healthy plant growth.

Legume kit and corn kit: in addition to aluminum discs, the SP 2012 also offers the option to use rubber discs. These discs make up the Legume Kit, which includes 3 rubber discs for sowing beans, green beans and peas. Furthermore, the Corn Kit is available, consisting of 2 rubber discs for sowing two different varieties of corn of your choice. This versatility allows sowing to be adapted to different types of crops, offering specific options for every need.

Sowing depth adjustment: the SP 2012 is equipped with a dedicated regulator to adjust the seeding depth. This is important because different crops require a specific sowing depth to ensure healthy plant growth and germination.

Soil pressure adjustment: to ensure optimal seeding, the SP 2012 also allows for the adjustment of soil pressure. This feature is essential to adapt to different soil conditions. Proper contact between the seeder and the ground is important to ensure uniform sowing depth and correct seed placement. Ground pressure adjustment allows farmers to achieve precise seeding even on uneven or compacted soil.

Overall, SP 2012 by Bassi Seminatrici represents a reliable and efficient solution for precise and high-quality seeding. Thanks to the parallelogram, the customization of the sowing disc, the adjustment of the sowing depth and the pressure on the ground, as well as the flexibility in the hopper capacity and in the sowing methods, this seeder offers farmers all the functions necessary to obtain optimal results.

The use of SP 2012 allows farmers to maximize the yield of their crops, ensuring uniform distribution of seeds and healthy germination of plants. The seeder is designed to adapt to different types of soil and can be used with tractors of different sizes thanks to the three-point hitch. Its versatility and precision make it an ideal choice for producers working on medium-sized areas and looking for reliable planting equipment.

Bassi Seminatrici, with the SP 2012, offers farmers a complete option for their sowing needs, combining advanced technology with robust design. The seeder represents a safe investment for those who want to obtain high quality results and maximize the efficiency of their agricultural operations.

In conclusion, the SP 2012 by Bassi Seminatrici is a highly versatile and precise modular seeder, designed to adapt to sowing needs on small and medium-sized surfaces. With features such as ground following parallelogram, sowing disc customization, depth and ground pressure adjustment, as well as flexibility in hopper capacity and sowing modes, this seeder offers a complete solution for accurate and efficient sowing.

Bassi Seminatrici is synonymous with reliability in the sowing machinery sector, and the SP 2012 is further evidence of the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge equipment to support farmers in their work.

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Frame size: of your choice
Distance between rows: minimum 18 cm
Weight of a seeding element: 16 kg

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