Seminatrice meccanica e semovente
Seminatrice meccanica e semovente

SP 94 S

SP 94 S is a mechanical and self-propelled seeder designed to perform various operations in a single pass, significantly reducing working times. It is ideal for sowing various types of vegetables in greenhouses
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The self-propelled SP 94 S seeder by Bassi Seminatrici is an innovative machine designed to perform various operations in a single step, considerably reducing working times in sowing. Thanks to its versatility and the possibility of customization, this seeder adapts to the specific sowing needs of farmers and growers.

Bassi Seminatrici SP 94 S self-propelled seeder: general characteristics

  • The SP 94 S is a modular seeder that allows you to carry out rolling, sowing and the second rolling in a single step.
  • It is particularly suitable for sowing in greenhouses, as it makes optimal use of the entire useful sowing surface.
  • The planter is available in two engine versions: diesel or petrol, offering customers a flexible choice.

Seed hopper:

  • The seed hopper capacity is 7.5 litres, allowing it to accommodate enough seed for sowing.
  • It is possible to apply an oversized hopper to increase the seeding capacity.

Front and rear roller:

  • The front and rear rollers of the seeder are responsible for flattening and compacting the soil, ensuring a constant seeding depth.
  • This feature is essential for obtaining uniform seeding and promoting healthy plant growth.

Furrow Opener:

  • The furrow opener performs the function of creating the furrow in the ground, where the seed will be deposited.
  • It is also available in a double version at 7cm, enabling the sowing of crops that require greater row spacing.

Gear System:

  • The seeder is equipped with a gear system which allows you to obtain 10 different sowing distances.
  • This feature offers greater flexibility and allows farmers to tailor seeding to specific crop needs.

Central unit and engine:

  • The machine consists of a central unit formed by the gearbox connected to the engine via a dry-running conical disc clutch.
  • The engine is 4-stroke, with a power of 4 HP, guaranteeing the force necessary to operate the seeder.


  • The seeder gearbox is made of hardened and cemented steel and works in an oil bath.
  • It offers 3 forward and 1 reverse speeds, allowing easy handling of the machine during sowing operations.

Structure and handlebar:

  • The SP 94 S seed drill consists of a solid structure made of carbon steel, guaranteeing sturdiness and durability over time.
  • The handlebar is adjustable both in height and laterally, allowing the operator to adapt the working position according to his preferences and the needs of the terrain.

Seeding disc customization:

  • Bassi Seminatrici offers the possibility of customizing the seeding disc according to the specific needs of the customer.
  • The discs are custom made, taking into account the size of the seed and the desired distance on the row. This customization allows farmers to tailor seeding to the specific needs of the vegetable or crop to be grown. Bassi Seminatrici supplies perforated aluminum discs for a variety of vegetables, such as carrots, onions, spinach, radishes and many others.
  • Furthermore, specific aluminum discs are available for cereals, medicinal herbs, aromatic herbs and other types of crops.

Advantages of customizing the sowing discs:

  • Customizing the seeding discs allows farmers to obtain precise and uniform seeding, ensuring healthy plant growth.
  • Adapting the sowing disc to the specific needs of the crops promotes uniform distribution of seeds, avoiding overlaps or gaps in the seed row.
  • This translates into greater efficiency and crop yield, optimizing agricultural production.
  • Furthermore, the possibility of using specific discs for different crops offers great flexibility to the farmer, allowing a variety of products to be grown with a single machine.

The self-propelled SP 94 S by Bassi Seminatrici represents an innovative and versatile solution for sowing operations. With its ability to carry out rolling, seeding and second rolling in a single pass, this machine reduces working time and ensures precise and uniform seeding. Thanks to the customization of the sowing discs, farmers can adapt the seeder to the specific needs of the crops, achieving healthy plant growth and higher crop yields.

Thanks to the SP 94 S self-propelled seeder by Bassi Seminatrici, sowing becomes an efficient, convenient and superior quality operation.

With Bassi Seminatrici the more you sow the more you earn!


Frame size: Standard frame 90 cm
Distance between rows: Minimum 15 cm
Weight of a seeding element: 6 kg

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