Seminatrice trainata
Seminatrice trainata

Trailed seeder SP 94 T

SP 94 T is an innovative trailed seeder, designed to perform various operations essential for sowing in a single pass, significantly reducing working times
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The trailed seeder SP 94 T by Bassi Seminatrici is an innovative machine designed to perform several crucial planting operations in a single step, significantly reducing working times.
This modular seeder is ideal for both greenhouse and open field seeding, offering an efficient solution for farmers.

SP 94 T trailed seeder: general characteristics

  • Carbon steel frame: SP 94 T is equipped with a sturdy carbon steel frame which guarantees resistance and durability over time. The frame is designed to be pulled by a tractor and features a three-point hitch for secure hitching.
  • Front and rear roller: the SP 94 T seeder is equipped with both a front and a rear roller. These rollers smooth and compact the soil, ensuring a constant sowing depth. This helps to achieve an even distribution of seeds in the soil.
  • Seed hopper: the SP 94 T features a hopper with a capacity of 7.5 liters to hold the seeds. Furthermore, it is possible to apply an oversized hopper to handle a greater volume of seeds, depending on the farmer’s needs. Adequate hopper capacity reduces the need for frequent refills during the sowing process.
  • Depth regulator: this seeder is fitted with a depth regulator that allows for the adjustment of the seeding depth according to the type of vegetable and the soil type. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring optimal seeding and promoting healthy plant growth.
  • Three-point hitch: the SP 94 T is compatible not only with standard-size tractors but also with small tractors due to its three-point hitch. This offers flexibility to farmers who own tractors of different sizes.
  • Gear system: the seeder has a gear system that allows for 10 different seeding distances. This versatility allows farmers to adapt seeding to the specific needs of different crops, ensuring uniform distribution of seeds along the rows.
  • Customization of the sowing disc: Bassi Seminatrici offers the possibility of customizing the sowing disc according to the specific needs of the customer. The discs are made to measure, taking into account the size of the seed and the desired distance on the row. This level of customization allows for precise and uniform sowing, tailored to the specific crops the farmer wishes to grow.

The SP 94 T trailed seeder by Bassi Seminatrici offers many advantages to farmers. In addition to the features mentioned above, the SP 94 T is known for its reliability and the build quality that characterizes all Bassi Seminatrici products.

  • Sowing elements: SP 94 T is equipped with various sowing elements which allow an accurate distribution of the seeds in the soil. Movement to the seeding units is provided by the front roller via a chain drive, ensuring smooth and precise operation.
  • Weight and adaptability: the SP 94 T seeder has a total weight of approximately 250 kg, which may vary depending on the number of seeding elements and the width of the frame and rollers. This makes it light enough to be towed even by small tractors, offering versatility and ease of use in different situations.
  • Reliability and support: Bassi Seminatrici is a renowned name in the field of sowing machines. The SP 94 T is an example of the company’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art equipment to support farmers in their work. Thanks to the build quality and attention to detail, this seeder offers reliability and long-lasting performance over time.

The trailed seeder SP 94 T by Bassi Seminatrici represents a highly efficient option for farmers looking to reduce working times and obtain precise and uniform sowing.
With features like front and rear rollers, seed hopper, depth adjuster and gear system, this machine offers versatility and adaptability for different crops and soil conditions.
In addition, the ability to customize the seed discs allows farmers to achieve optimal results for their specific needs.
With the SP 94 T, Bassi Seminatrici demonstrates its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for high quality and reliable seeding.

With Bassi Seminatrici the more you sow the more you earn!


Frame size: of your choice
Distance between rows: minimum 15 cm
Weight of a seeding element: 6 kg

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