Orticoltura tecnica in campo 2024

After a long break due to the pandemic, ORTICOLTURA TECNICA IN CAMPO finally returns, the only event in which more than 50 leading Italian companies in the horticultural supply chain collaborate, creating an event entirely dedicated to agricultural companies, retailers and consortiums.
The event will take place from 24 to 26 January 2024 at the headquarters o Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche company – Strada Squadri, 6 – 46040 Guidizzolo (MN).

What does the event involve?

Each day will be divided into two moments:

  • In the morning from 08.30 to 12.30 it will be possible to attend field tests, with demonstrations in the greenhouse of the functioning of the various agricultural machinery. Thanks to the covered field, the tests will take place even in case of bad weather
  • The afternoon, starting from 2.00 pm, will be dedicated to seminars and conferences coordinated by industry experts, to update participants on the latest innovations in the agricultural sector and dedicating insights into environmental sustainability. Every day the seminars will be dedicated to a different theme

At the same time as the field tests and seminars, it will be possible to meet with the exhibiting companies, view the agricultural machinery up close, request quotes and more information on their technical characteristics.

The added value of this event is the opportunity to share ideas, opinions and points of view within a dynamic environment, where it is possible to create new collaborations and consolidate existing ones.

The program of the days of Orticoltura tecnica in campo 2024

Wednesday 24 January

  • 08.30 – 12.30 field tests
  • 2.00 pm “Agrivoltaic, the energy vault that transforms agriculture” – Idromeccanica Lucchini
  • 2.30 pm “The role of seed research in tackling climate change” – ISI Sementi
  • 3.00 pm “Ecological and biodegradable solutions for treating water and fruit and vegetables” – Sgorbati
  • 3.30 pm “Phytosanitary treatments with fewer water resources” – Ideal
  • 4.00 pm “Experiences on the use of Grena fertilizers and biostimulants in agriculture” – Grena

Thursday 25 January

  • 08.30 – 12.30 field tests
  • 2.00 pm “Ecopac bio film, the green mulch that looks to the future” – Pati
  • 2.30pm “Aper Seed, the new sowing technique on paper” – Paper-Be
  • 3.00 pm “Pest control: adaptation thanks to customization and modularity” – Oliver Agro
  • 3.30 pm “Ozone in irrigation, the importance of water disinfection and the effect on horticultural crops” – Ecofarm
  • 16.00 “Micrograins and plant extracts: innovative cultivation techniques in agriculture” – Hello Nature

Friday 26 January

  • 08.30 – 12.30 field tests
  • 2.00 pm “Innovative biological control methods integrated into horticulture” – Geofin
  • 2.30 pm “Climate change: market and horticultural cultivation trends” – Mingozzi
  • 3.00 pm “Innovative solutions for better quality of crops through the use of lighting with LED lamps” – Ambra Light
  • 3.30 pm “Genetic improvement and new varieties of rocket: research perspectives and supply chain trends” – Seno Seed
  • 4.00 pm “Ryzoclean: renews the fertility of tired soils” – Agriges

A few numbers
During the previous edition there were more than 2,000 participants from 40 different countries.

Bassi Seeders will be there!

We at Bassi Seminatrici will be present with our machines and the novelty this year will be the presence of the EGT-Asparago SE electric harvester under the EURO GREEN TECH brand! This facilitating machine, ideal for harvesting asparagus, green beans and strawberries, will be on display at our stand, but you can also see it in action during the field tests that will take place in the morning.

The seeders that we have decided to display are:
SM 2000 T: trailed seeder ideal for sowing both in greenhouses and in the open field cutting crops, such as baby leaf, spinach, rocket, valerian, parsley, dill, coriander, but also medicinal herbs. It is very versatile, because it is possible to change the type of sowing in a few minutes and guarantees high precision in the quantity of seed/m2.
The size of the frame, the number of sowing rows and the distance between them are configured according to the needs of each customer.
The patented distribution system consists of a sowing head + a sponge which, turning, drops the seed without damaging it.
This model can be made in 3 different configurations:
1. SM 2000 T with mechanical variator
2. SM 2000 T with electromechanical variator
3. SM 2000 T with Performer 530 electronic control unit

It is also possible to create the machine in a self-propelled version with the electromechanical configuration and with an electronic control unit.

SP 2002: modular seeder designed to work on small and medium surfaces; it is able to satisfy every sowing need and adapts to all types of soil. The dimensions of the frame adapt to the width of the tractor, just as the number of sowing rows and the distance between them is decided according to the customer’s needs. In this way we can guarantee great versatility. The 3-point attachment of the frame allows this model to be applied even to small tractors.
The parallelogram that characterizes the SP 2002 sowing element allows you to follow the shape of the soil in an optimal manner and keep the sowing depth constant.
Through the spring on the parallelogram it is possible to adjust the pressure of the rear wheel on the ground. The latter also gives movement to the sowing element and therefore allows the sowing disc to turn and drop the seed.

MANUAL SEEDER: professional seeder that allows you to carry out precision linear sowing, obtaining double the product in half the time compared to broadcast sowing. Despite its small size, this machine allows for great sowing precision: it is in fact equipped with a knob that allows you to adjust the sowing depth.
The furrower that creates the furrow in the ground has a cast iron tip, which guarantees a lifespan of decades. It is also possible to apply a double furrower at 7 cm, which allows you to obtain two twin rows at 7 cm.
The work is completed by a ridger which closes the furrow created by the furrower and by the rear wheel which compacts the soil.
The handle of the seeder is long and “free”, thus allowing operators of different heights to use the seeder in total comfort (without bending their backs).

The SP 2002 model seeder and the Manual Seeder, unlike the SM 2000 T model, work with a disc system: each vegetable corresponds to a specific disc, made of aluminum perforated to measure based on the caliber of the seed and the desired distance between the file. These discs are suitable for seeds such as carrots, onions, spinach, radishes, and so on, and can be customized according to customer needs. Then there are rubber discs for sowing legumes (the maximum size is that of the Borlotto bean) and corn.

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